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Project Company in Tanzania Provided Pipe Operation Skill Trainings to Local Employees


News from China Petroleum Net (www.s-u.cn): So far, the 542kmpipeline of Tanzania Natural Gas Processing Plants and Transportation Pipeline Project has been completely laid, and construction of pipe stations and two natural gas processing plants are pushed to the final stage. As the contractor of the Project, CPTDC actively provided trainings for local employees while making every effort to promote the construction together with the Pipeline Bureau and Engineering Company. 120 Tanzanian trainees from two natural gas processing plants finished their training in CNPC Sichuan Petroleum Training Center late last year and went to the site for actual practice. Now, trainings on practical pipe operation skills are also provided in Dar-es-Salaam.

Senior professors from China University of Petroleum were invited as the main lecturers to present the trainees a one-month pipe operation skill training covering introduction of natural gas industry, features of natural gas, pipelines and station equipment for the Project, technological processes, operation skills, maintenance and repair, system commissioning procedures, HSE emergency management, analyses of typical accidents, site operation, etc. All trainees were required to sit for exams after training, and certificates of qualification were issued for qualified trainees.

On May 11, as noted by the reporter, Raymond from Saint Joseph's University of Tanzania and Mwanga from University of Dar es Salaam attended the training class together with other 42 local youths.

Raymond and Mwanga are full of confidence in this training and proud to be a member of such a natural gas project team renowned all over Tanzania. In the interview, they expressed their gratitude to CNPC for providing them with such a valuable chance, and undertook to study hard to improve the professional skills and become qualified personnel for natural gas pipeline commissioning.