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“Going out” Strategy for Petroleum Equipment Made Great Achievements, Gaining Fames for Brands “Made in China”


On June 12, the press conference “Going out Strategy for Petroleum Equipment in China” was held in Baoji, Shaanxi. As learnt by the reporter in conference, the overseas income of the petroleum equipment manufacturing sector accounts for nearly half of the total income, and the marketing network has spread all over the world with 68 overseas marketing agents distributed in 53 countries and regions, radiating to almost 90%  ten-million-tons oil producing countries. The products are exported to more than 940 stable international customers in over 80 countries and regions.

The market structure of the petroleum equipment sector in China is increasingly optimized and the annual export contract amount exceeds USD 4 billion. There are over 150 products with the accumulated contract amount of single product exceeding USD 10 million, and the annual contract amount of single series of such leading products as complete set of rig, long-distance pipelines and special pipes exceeds USD 100 million.

Since the 80s of last century, the petroleum equipment manufacturing sector has achieved great improvement in capacity and qualification by providing products and services for Asia, European and American countries, expanding its service scope from onshore to offshore, upgrading and exporting the products and services from low-end to high-end, from parts to complete set of equipment, and from single equipment to comprehensive solutions following the strategy of “Going out”, and has made remarkable achievements, building excellent image for the brand of “Petroleum Equipment made in China”.

CPTDC continuously strengthens the integrated utilization of product resources relying on the overall advantages of equipment manufacturing sector in China, and produces 101 products with the accumulated contract amount of single product of more than USD 10 million and 30 products with the accumulated contract amount of single product of over USD 50 million, becoming the largest international trading company specialized in petroleum and petrochemical equipment and materials.

CPTDC has accumulated rich experience in transnational transport and cross-country multimodal transport, set up regional warehouse and logistics centers in other countries and formed the all-round logistics transport capacity of multimodal transport covering marine, land and air transportation. CPTDC is now one of top 100 forwarders and logistic enterprises in China and an AA enterprise granted by Beijing Customs with a sound logistics supply system set to provide the customers with “door-to-door” services. (Excerpt from Chinanews)