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MNAZI BAY Gas Processing Plant of Tanzania Project Began to Receive Gas


On August 20 (local time), flare was ignited in MNAZI BAYGas Processing Plant of the Gas Processing Plant & Pipeline Project inTanzaniaand upstream gas was received for joint commissioning, which marks a final stage for handover of the project.

To enable gas receiving as early as possible, CPTDC had organized Pipeline Bureau, three consortia of CPE and subcontractors since July 1 to carry out competitions which involves thousands of Chinese and Tanzanians who overcame high temperature, lack of supplies, poor traffic and other difficulties to compete on progress, quality and safety. International practices were observed to inspect 29 subsystems of MNAZI BAY Gas Processing Plant as per checklists and as many as 1,500 modifications were made, all of which was successfully accepted; inspections were also carried out on 219 systems as per checklists including all land and offshore pipelines, yards and valve rooms along the entire pipe route, and as many as 1,300 modifications were made and test run certificates were issued for all of these items.

The plant has been fulfilled and approved to receive gas on July 29. On August 1, TPDC, the Owner, and Worley Parsons, a global well-known project management corporation, confirmed that MNAZI BAY Gas Processing Plant and all pipelines, yards and valve rooms had been mechanically completed.